Emo recently.;(

Friday, August 28, 2009

The nice blush!
Its photoshop uh.I dun have such nice skin!:D

Stressing over animation!=/

I wanted a bracing.But no money=(
Anywhere cheap and good?:D

Recently, my mum went to a so called medium
to get all our LOANS* in Civilian real money returned to the yama king.

The older ppl were saying, everybody in hell had to borrow some money from the yama king(Hell king) in order to get rebirth.

And when you are born and grown up, it is a need to return all your debt to the king.
What u owe, if they do not receive it back in anytime, your life will live terribly stressful and heavy. My mum recently went to the place and get all our family debts returned.

She told us, we owe the king loads of money.
Mum: 140k(if not wrong)
Eldest sis: 90k
Elder sis: 50k
Me: 70k
I couldnt rmbered how much was my dad's but..
my mum told me, my brother and dad were the lightest(lesses).
And by custom, guys shld have more debt than the girls, in other words more stress.

My mum owe so much and thats y her life was so stressful.
Her kids weren't behaving well.
Her husband always scold her.;(

and she said, she might need to add debt to my dad or my brother
to balance up her debt.

So i told her, how bout you try adding to pasta?
She's like everyday very free eh.Walk here walk there..No stress eh.

And my mum said, ok..Let's add to her until super heavy until she cnt walk!;D

Super mean.
But well, Pasta must have did something bad in her previous life.
That's why reborn as a Dog.Right?!:D

Oh ya, a more interesting issue bout this was...
Our medium was somebody that really might give you guys a big shock.
But seriously, im didnt mean to laugh or make fun of him but...
Really uh....






Our medium, the guy on the left with army suit.
I shall show you he's namecard when i got it from my mum.
Cool uh?!

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