Some minor updates about my boring life

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Been really lazy for the past few weeks. I'm still not getting used to this working adult life. The work life balance struggle is real! I ate really healthy for 2 weeks straight during my lunch hour in office. Spending this body-loving days with an extra hot cayenne pepper...questioning myself whenever I got my tongue sent to hell, "why am I doing this to myself." And the vicious cycle continues for another week. I did feel slightly lighter and healthier (IM KIDDING). 

At least for two weeks, I'm not suffering from food coma. 

So, just a month back. Contacted by Japalan's boss to attend a Sasa X Klara Cosmetic launch. It has been so loooong since we met. He didn't age abit! 

Tried out Klara's goodies and I'm in love with makeups again. Hahaha! Girls problem. 

Unarguably the best water-proof liquid lipstick. That stays the whole day. 

Kiss-proof? Wanna do a test with me? Hehehe

Review of my fore-fillers with Kowayo

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A high and full forehead is generally consider a beautiful feature across many countries be it in the western or asia as it makes you look alot more youthful.
Have you realised, most makeup youtubers would end it off with slapping on em
gorgeous glow/shimmer powder on these areas:
By applying it on these area, it make your features POP right away. The forehead is always one of the to go for area when it comes to adding the glow.
Apart from makeup, HA fillers is another options we can explore to achieve that desirable features you want instantly. With minimal or no downtime(it varies). 
What is HA(Hyaluronice Acid) Fillers Revanesse?
Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in your body. High concentrations are found in soft connective tissues and in the fluid surrounding your eyes. It's also in some cartilage and joint fluids, as well as skin tissue. It is extracted and reformulated and now has become one of the most popular kinds of injectable fillers. If the term sounds familiar, it's because the same substance is often injected into the aching joints of people with arthritis to ease pain and provide extra cushioning.
In my earlier post, i've shared about my experience with ELLANSE Fillers and that i'm extremely happy with the results as it turns out really natural and it has been a month now? I can already see my complexion improving due its unique features that it stimulate collagen within my skin as it goes in time. My boyfriend were impressed by it too. HAHA!
This treatment is widely used on different area of your face to volumnize and enhance the features and some other common problems and enhancement like:
Acne or facial scarring
Cheek depressions
Crow's feet at the corner of your eyes
Smile lines that run from the side of the nose to corners of the mouth
Frown lines between the eyebrows
Marionette lines at the corners of the mouth
Redefining the lips
Smoker's lines; vertical lines on the mouth
Side effects are rare but can include redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site.
This time, im going for another form of fillers for another "FLAT" side of me.
But thanks for making a guess.
Its my forehead. Well, keep reading and you will know why im so incline to get it done after my eyes and cheek. Im not obsessed, really.
Dr Wong has been meticulously working his magic on me for the past month and this time,
another challenge for him.
Like i say, it is always important to work with a doctor who is very experience when it
comes to injectables be it botox or fillers.
One possible complication that involved fillers is when the fillers were wrongly injected into the blood vessels, it can causes
skin tissue necrosis.
I do know of a clinic(not aesthetic) who are doing "affordable" treatments like this as most of my Malaysian ex-colleagues introduces him to each other as it is "affordable". Nothing goes wrong so far or i've not heard anything bad about him but i just didn't like how it turns out. It can be really un-natural that one look you know they did it. *AHEM*

Dr Wong Kee Seng is a Revanesse filler trainer.
A seasoned veteran in the aesthetic arena, he will customize a set of fuss-free, effective & non-invasive treatment to achieve your desired results.
CHECK IT OUT! My fuller forehead after one treatment.
Honestly, the pain is bearable and in fact during the treatment i almost fell asleep. HAHAHA
it is not as uncomfortable as i thought. Of course, the pain meter varies as everyone has got their tolerance for pain. This treatment takes around 20mins includes the waiting time for the numbing cream to take its effect.
 I had 3 syringes of Revanesse filler in my forehead to get from this pathetic form to goddess.
I went back a week after to get it touch up and had another 0.7 syringe filled. 
My forehead is pretty flat & boney looking thus getting it to shape would require more fillers.
Some might just need 1-2 syringe to get that effect. DEPENDS.
Please check with Dr Wong to find out more k?
 So, im ending this post with my haunting old face and my happy new face.
For more info on Revanesse fillers:
You know miracles can happen overnight with the right one.
The right doctor. HEHE!
 For more information, you may call in or email em' at the contacts below:
Kowayo Aesthetic
1 Raffles link 01-03C
Singapore 039393
Instagram: @kowayo_aesthetic

This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kowayo Aesthetic. All opinions are of my own.

Update: Kowayo Ellanse Fillers experience & results

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I'm back with an updates of how ELLANSE fillers doing for my eyes and cheeks.

Previously, I had a jab through my cheek to my tear trough to improve my panda eyes and my prata cheek. By lifting the cheek, it also helps to improve the under eyes hollowness.

As I age, my cheek decided that it is a good time to say goodbye thus getting some ELLANSE on my cheek is definitely something I look forward to.

After my first visit, my dark eye circle has drastically improved a lot. Just a wee bit of concealer could already provide a flawless coverage for my eye area.
So just last week, I went for my reviews with Dr.Wong and he decided that it would be good to have a little more ELLANSE to achieve a smoother, plumper-looking eyes.

Of course, result varies. You would not be getting a completely flawless under eyes right away if your condition is as bad as mine. Late night, long hours staring at my computer, heavy concealer, over-rubbing my eyes, removing of makeup the wrong way and my bad sinus issue.

It takes time to stimulate your own collagen to help improve your problem after the jab. Well, at least you still get to see immediate effect of improvement which is absolutely comforting and amazing.

So here's the result since 1st visit to the touch up appointment and.... how i look now.

1st photo on the left: before ELLANSE with heavy concealer coverage on under eye.
2nd photo in the middle: After my first ELLANSE jab, about 2weeks after.
(a little concealer over under eyes)
3rd photo on the right: A week after touch up.
Cheeks are more prominent, under eyes are a lot smoother, less visible
dark eye circle and check out my natural glow. *BLINK BLINK*
(with only light coverage foundation, no concealer on my under eyes)
It is pretty obvious that even with makeup, my dark eye circles are just BAD.
And that, most of us knew having too much heavy makeup can cause fine lines which eventually makes our skin age faster as well.
Dark eye circles > Concealer >
Age your skin > Worsen condition >
It's a vicious cycle.

Well, there's a solution to end these. E.L.L.A.N.S.E.
Why choose ELLANSE?

1. Immediate correction of wrinkles and folds

2. Stimulation of your own collagen for long-lasting natural results 
3. Last about 3-4 years

Made of poly-caprolactone (PCL), a well-known totally bioresorbable soft medical polymer, Ellanse retains its volume of between three and four years, before totally resorbed and removed from the body, with no residues of any kind left behind.

Because it takes a long time to resorb, any over filling will not be able to remove right away like the other dermal fillers. So, I strongly emphasize that this treatment has to be managed by an experienced doctor who knows the right amount, the right position with a good knowledge to have it done.

I like my results and of course I trust my doctor who is doing it for me.

Kowayo Aesthetic's medical director, Dr Wong Kee Seng, is a physician registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). He has a special interest in dermatology with a postgraduate MRCP qualification from the Royal College of Physicians, as well as a Cardiff University Diploma of Practical Dermatology from the UK. He is also a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. As a doctor with extensive experience, he is the appointed official regional trainer for Ellanse. 

Here's a pic on the 1st week and 2nd week after the Jab: 

1st week

2nd week
Both with the same coverage. But you can see it's more radiance for the 2nd ones.
Apart from cheek & eyes...
here's the other treatment areas of ELLANSE
1. Temples and Brow Area

2. Malar Augmentation

3. Nose Reshaping
4. Cheek

5. Nasolabial Folds
6. Jaw Line

7. Chin Definition
8. Marionette Lines
For more information, you may call in or email em' at the contacts below:

Kowayo Aesthetic
1 Raffles link 01-03C
Singapore 039393
Instagram: @kowayo_aesthetic


This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kowayo Aesthetic. All opinions are of my own.

少女针 Ellanse Filler by Kowayo Aesthetic

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dewy Shine Ellanse (少女针) is a specially designed Collagen Stimulating treatment for
lifting the cheeks, forehead, chin, tear trough area. It is also particularly effective at wrinkles removal. Ellanse has a natural facelifting effect by stimulating your body’s own collagen – recommended for individuals seeking collagen stimulation in Singapore.

What's the difference between Ellanse and other dermal fillers
(Juvederm, Restylane)?

It is known for its effective and long lasting results. At Kowayo, they have the ones that could last up to 2-4years which the others could only last up about 12-18months. It stimulates your own collagen to correct volume loss, wrinkles and folds – treating the underlying causes of facial aging thus giving you that natural smooth & radiant visage.


Was introduce to Kowayo to experience its dermal fillers treatment. It might be my first time doing it but im absolutely not worried at all because i have my trust with the experienced Medical Director, Dr Wong.

Kowayo Aesthetic's medical director, Dr Wong Kee Seng, is a physician registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). He has a special interest in dermatology with a postgraduate MRCP qualification from the Royal College of Physicians, as well as a Cardiff University Diploma of Practical Dermatology from the UK. He is also a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. As a doctor with extensive experience, he is the appointed official regional trainer for Ellanse.

In case you are wondering which area is my concern.



I've got very dark eye circle. So bad, it hurts.....


 my wallet.

You have no idea, how much money i've spent on getting the ideal concealer for em black holes.
So, im here for a Tired Eyes Correction Treatment(Fillers) with them.

What Tired Eye Correction (Dark eye circles treatment) can do for you?
Dark eye circles or dark eye rings appear can appear as shadows below or around the eyes.
Looking for answers on how to get rid of dark eye circles? Kowayo's signature, Tired Eye Correction targets the tear trough area just beneath the eyes where a shadow or dark-eye circle often gives the appearance of tiredness.

In many cases, simple skincare products or eye serum application will not be able to help with this under-eye hollowness and discoloration. Patients will generally require a complete dark eye circles treatment to rectify the issue. Individual results can vary.

Successful treatment will reduce the dark eye rings that make you look tired and restore your youthful look. Reduce or eliminate the dark eye rings and reduce eyebags quickly*.

• Remove your eye-bags
• Fix dark eye circles

• No bruising or swelling
• Non-surgical

Here's the process of my visit to Kowayo Aesthetic.
 Was sharing my pain of having dark eye circles and tired eyes with Dr.Wong.
He gave a detailed explaination of how it could be improved with Ellanse's insertion from the cheek to tear trough, showing me a reference of how it would look after the jab.
I was already excited to get it on right away when i see the results. :D

Friendly Aesthetician removing my makeup and applying numbing cream for me.

 In about 15-20mins, we are ready to go~
 Filling up the particulars while waiting for the numbing cream to settle in.
 Ice pack on insertion area and let's go.....
 Let's be real, the insertion of the jab is not painful at all.
there's moment where the "filling" and "pressing" got involved, I do feel some
bearable "extraction" pain.
Pain rating: 3/10
After the jab, no pain, no bruise. Just two mini marks. Which blended very well with my pimples.
PIMPLES.... are bigger than that marks.

BEFORE(with concealer) & RIGHT AFTER(with minimal touch up)
Have a closer look! Hollow and shadowy spot under my eyes are fuller and smoother now.

There is no downtime for the fillers done.
For some, they might have slight swelling and bruises which lasted a few days,
but this is common. Bruises are not in blue and green, don't worry!
They advise no alcohol, no hot steam, sauna, hot yoga at least a week.
Not to have water after 7pm after the jab as it could cause water retention.
Guys, you're right. :D
I should not have yakult at 9pm and Ice milo at 12am.
Water retention is real. But it's no biggies. 
 I'm on my 3rd day now and my water retention is subsiding. :D
So.. stay tune as i will be updating ma new face in the next post.
 Check out that glow on my cheek!
  Me and my happy heart. Thank you Dr.Wong for your expertise.
No bruises. Only two mini dots on the cheek that can be easily concealed.

Kowayo Aesthetic
1 Raffles link 01-03C
Singapore 039393
Instagram: @kowayo_aesthetic

This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kowayo Aesthetic. All opinions are of my own.

Be 24/7 Flawless with Estetica Beauty!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Working adults like me, would find waking up early to do my makeup is a hassle.
But it is impossible to leave your house without it?!
The struggle to sleep more or look good leaving the house is real.
What if i tell you, you can actually wakeup looking real good without having to worry about the spots on your cheek, the open pores on your nose, that old acne marks on your chin, the dark eye circle..etc
And this is no gimmicks!
Introducing BB Dewy Shine from Estetica Beauty
A semi-permanent make-up treatment using MTS (Micro Needle Therapy System) with skin colour brightening ampoules infused with healing properties. Recommended for people with enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, scars and blemishes. Non-invasive, no downtime with immediate skin brightening results. The entire process is gentle, non-stimulating and the skin colour brightening ampoules will not clog your pores. Tested in the lab for safety, you can be assured that it doesn’t contain any heavy metals which are commonly found in cosmetics.


Brightens dull complexion
Smoothens uneven skin texture
Minimizes enlarged pores
Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
Boosts hydration for supple, dewy skin


Acne Scars / Blemished Skin
Dull Skin
For Men
So, get yourself a NEW FACE~ now!
Visit to find out more~


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Adult acne. Nobody likes that. Nobody enjoyed been reminded about how bad their skin is. Nobody can get over that phase you made to them about their poor complexion. This could be a mental torture to US. Yes, us. Including me. 

Whenever I told people about how bad it was and how I counter it, these people would find it skeptical. Because they have yet to see my worst. I'm not being negative, instead I'm felt really thankful for what I have now. 

Everyone in my family does not have acne problem. Which supposingly I does not have it when I was young. 

Shits happen one day.. And my nightmare came true. 

I had my worst breakout ever and it was so bad I had to leave the house without makeup and it's too unsightly to go without a face mask too. 

How did it happen? Well, it just happen.
Not a good feeling and I cried almost every night. 

I tried many whatever youtubers tips on clearing acne and it just doesn't work and I turn to a dermatologist or GP actually to get antibiotic and cleanser to get em fixed. 

Does make a little improvement but once I stopped the pills, it came back worst than ever. 

Which one day, I decided to Google every single possible solutions to make my acne disappear without the aids of pills. 

And once my skin stabilised, is started scarring care kit to clear whatever that was left behind. 

Took me almost a year to go back to almost.... Almost the very first stage of acne breakout look I had and eventually almost to the skin I used to have. 

If you guys has been following my post, you would notice it wasn't as bad as the image I shown above. (Yeap, that's me) 

But, good days don't last forever. 
My bad breakout comes and go. 
Here's one of the latest bad breakout I had after so Long. 

But, it does not bother me as much anymore. When you know you're more than that! I go to work and town without my makeup without the fear I had in the past. I'm more than just Acne-face.

Of course, if I told you I'm feeling good with these marks over my face and I can't give a shit about it and just gonna leave em partying over the weeks... 

I Am Definitely LYING! 

So, been confident is one thing. But finding a solution to stop acne is another. 

I'm pretty sure you're more interested in knowing how I actually controlled my Acne and reduce my post-acne pigmentation instead of the #bemotivated #youarebeautiful content I'm suppose to put across in this post. K, but promise or guarantee results from the solutions and I must emphasize that all skin are different. Because DNA are different.

1. Stop drinking 
2. Sleep early (before 10pm if possible)
3. Reduce on dairy products 
4. No spicy and salty and sugar for first month(best to avoid all times during the first three months) 
5. Eat cooked tomatoes every morning
6. Lemon and cucumber water day and night. 
7. Drink plenty of water throughout the day 
8. No BB cream or CC cream or liquid foundation or concealer or two way cake. till you only left marks and no inflam acne. Loose powder and compressed powder is fine. 
9. Avoid using makeup removal which contain oil. I'm using bifesta sebum cleansing lotion. 
10. Seek for professional advise from a beautician(avoid extraction and asked for high frequency treatment for a start) or dermatologist(which can be quite pricey.)
11. Avoid using oil blotting paper.
12. Cleanse your face often. Break the two cleansing a day rule for your case if your acne is pretty bad.opt for a gentle cleanser. 
13. Keep your skin hydrated so your red marks will start to look better. 
14. Avoid using whitening products with moisturising effect. Recommend to use hyaluronic-based. No oil content.
15. Don't rush every products in one shot 
16. Start with serum and gel moisturiser and avoid cream for bad stage acne. 
17. Stay happy, bodies does not work 
best at depressed stage. 
18. Apply sunshield whenever you're going out. Same thing, no oil. 
19. Take more tomatoes. Read point 5. 
20. Detox as often as you can. 

That's how my Magic works for me. Not every time... Because I no longer follow strict rules in time. Haha! 

Anyway, gonna catch my not so beauty sleep kinda sleep. Goodnight all! 

To make up for the scary images earlier on, a prettier face to end the night. Byeeeee~

Thanaka powder benefit

Monday, November 28, 2016

Lazy Sunday but that's probably the only time I can do something for my skin. 

Speaking of natural skincare, I really think nothing can be as natural as Thanaka powder. 

I remembered a year back(hopefully not expired yet), I bought a thanaka powder from an online store.
Thanaka helps in whitening, reducing acne scarring, reduce pores, cool down redness, regulates moisture and it is one of the most raved natural ingredient used by Burmese as their anti aging skin care. 
Some prefer having their own branch and grinding stone to prepare the mask whenever they need it instead of the powder form. However, most natural stuff do not last for long as they does not have preservative. 
Not an avid user but I believe religiously using it would definitely benefit your skin in some ways. Of course! There are so many thanaka products in Singapore. You just need to "Google" for review and you should be safe! Haha