The reveal

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The I Guess it's no secret to most people would know that I worked here after this post.
Had our company dinner and dance last month and we invited Our brand ambassadors Jesseca Liu to grace this joyful event. 

Our theme: Gei tai night 
My bunch of happy pills in office. They are the reasons I stay. The reasons I'm happy working here. Of course not forgetting my managers/directors. Who gave me so much patience and guided me song the way. 
With the Lady Boss.
The Hot Chicks. Group photo to end the night. Bye! Super short post because I've been too busy lately. At least it's not dead uh! Hehe

Would you love someone from a broken family?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Seen too many articles on "why you shouldn't love someone from a broken family".

Giving negative points on the WHYS and warn others to stay away from them is just too unfair.

I would date someone from a broken family and most of my exes and my current Boyfriend were in this situation. 

Being the youngest in the family, my dad and mum doted me a lot, gave me the care and love I need since young. I could be the selfish spoilt brat if I want to..but I choose to give. 

I guess it's in my nature. I always believe in giving what I have genuinely, you will change the world. (Damn drama, I know.) haha

But, I still believe it even some of the people I loved, disappoints me many times. I've never gave up. 

It is not sympathy. But love that would make the difference. 

Before you judge these broken ones, you gotta think through how hard they have struggle to come this far. 

They are in fact the strongest people with a soft heart. Of course, not all of them. 

I'm Glad, I met one who give even more than I am, which had me wonder if I'm doing too little at times. 

All I can say is....never judge someone base on their background. All you need is to know them enough to realise how fucked up these mad world is right now to make the poor poorer and left the broken ones broken. 

STOP scripting stupid articles or believe it till you have experience enough of it. 

K thanks bye! 

Summary of my life in year 2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015

First, I'm thankful for the people who stays with me thru the good and bad times. Thankful for everyone includes assholes and bitches as they finally made me realised how important these awesome friends who were always with me all these while when I thought they were gone, busy with their own shit and decided to give me up. Haha 

Very start of 2015, I officially became a party queen. Fri & sat are usually the "do not touch" day for most of my friends who wanted to ask me out for supper and chat and go home at 12am latest. These two are the blocked dates where I will be with the "crazy" party group YOLO thru the night and home only after 4-5am. 

Those were the toxic days I lead and I did not regret having it. I grew out of it, experiencing it, understanding how nightlife can actually affect me physically and mentally and finally it comes to a point where I broke down and of course that comes enlightenment too.....that I decided many things needed to be changed or to say "go back to how it was".

I wasn't a drinker and I don't club 2-3years back. After a break up, I was sort of "free" to have a life I never had to experience when I was attached. Reason being, my exes were either the overly attached ones or the overly protected kind. And that, I'm the always about "mutual understanding" freak where "if I can't do it, you're nt doing it too" person.thats when two humans doesn't get their life right and decided it's time to let go. 

My poly friends and Party Friends were the one who accompanied me thru my bad days and were also the only ones who dares to make fun of my breakup incident after I got over it. 

In case you're wondering what so funny about my breakup.... 

Let me share this joke with all of you. As I too find it ridiculously epic and deserved to be laughed at..

A after my breakup, i was so moody that I did not eat anything for two days, I decided to ask my three goody two shoes poly Friends out to drink with me at haji lane as I thought that would helped me to get through the night. (I have not started clubbing not or drinking back then). 

So an hour later, we met at Haji lane. We picked a spot and started flipping thru the menus. 

Then the server came to us to take our orders. 

Server: what would you like? 
Friends: Linda, what you drinking?
Me: one hot Milo pls....

All of them death stare me. 
And I told them I wasn't feeling well after starving for too Long so I decided to go for a hot Milo instead. 

From then on, whenever I got into a Nee relationship, they will tell me" sure this time, this guy good not, don't later asked us to go Haji lane drink hot Milo Hor! "

Yeah, I live my life with these little rascal till then having to be reminded of my milo incident. Lol. 

Back to my toxic life content.... 
I drank so much, that I can really feel my liver is drying up that two harmful years. 
Because I like my whisky neat or on the rock only. So the burning actually does a lot more harm as time goes by. 

During toxic days, one of the most-friendliest looking lady became my best buddy now even without the effect of alcohol. She took care of me when I'm sober and drunk. Protected me like a Sister till then. Her bf were in fact very worried for her whenever she's out with me as she usually will be going back home with asthma. Hahahah! That bad. On a side note, she can now drink a lot better. Guess her Boyfriend should be happy now. LOL

Of course, when there's good girls, there would be Bitches. 

A Friend whom I knew for more than 7years betrayed me. It was really a disappointment as i thought she would be one of the best bridesmaid of mine in future. What's worst, to know shits she does to me from many other people. 
Not just 2-3, but more people from different group of connections. Not that I trusted others instead..but having said that, too many people has been sharing the words... Telling me things that they shouldn't or wouldn't know if she did not share with them. This is enough to prove a friend's loyalty. Bullshitting to others about me and calling me as your best friend make it worst. So, I ended the friendship. 

I met a guy through one of the group of our friends and im glad we did. Both of us do not want a relationship anytime soon previously and we eventually got tgt after a few meet ups. I guess it's fate. 
Despite hearing so many bullshit from the one I used to call bestie, he did not give up on knowing me more. 

This guy is a good man. Probably the best I ever had. Gave me whatever i want. Try his very best to fulfill my little wishes and big ones too. Definitely, I do not have to get my poly friends out for hot milo again. 

Thru these period of time, it also makes me realised how important my family plays a part in my life. I'm thankful to have them around and really sorry for the times I upset them especially mum. 
Every single time, she chose to give in to me and I took it for granted. I did not appreciate all that, thinking that I deserved this, I deserved that. 

One day, she saw me drinking for the first time and she was really worried about me. All I said to her was, "if you really care about me and understand me then tell me who I really am. Got it right, I will stop drinking."

And she really did said the side of me where I do not want anybody to know about me or see in me. 

Now, came to think of it, there's only one thing I would say to her if she wants to hear from me about how I feel about her.. I Guess that would be...

" a woman who can give up her dignity just to see her child smile again." 
Anyway, I guess that is so much I can remember about my 2015 life. I hope next year would do me good. 

Fat wallet and pretty face would do. Thanks! Bye all! 


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Adult acne. Nobody likes that. Nobody enjoyed been reminded about how bad their skin is. Nobody can get over that phase you made to them about their poor complexion. This could be a mental torture to US. Yes, us. Including me. 

Whenever I told people about how bad it was and how I counter it, these people would find it skeptical. Because they have yet to see my worst. I'm not being negative, instead I'm felt really thankful for what I have now. 

Everyone in my family does not have acne problem. Which supposingly I does not have it when I was young. 

Shits happen one day.. And my nightmare came true. 

I had my worst breakout ever and it was so bad I had to leave the house without makeup and it's too unsightly to go without a face mask too. 
How did it happen? Well, it just happen.
Not a good feeling and I cried almost every night. 

I tried many whatever youtubers tips on clearing acne and it just doesn't work and I turn to a dermatologist or GP actually to get antibiotic and cleanser to get em fixed. 

Does make a little improvement but once I stopped the pills, it came back worst than ever. 

Which one day, I decided to Google every single possible solutions to make my acne disappear without the aids of pills. 

And once my skin stabilised, is started scarring care kit to clear whatever that was left behind. 

Took me almost a year to go back to almost.... Almost the very first stage of acne breakout look I had and eventually almost to the skin I used to have. 

If you guys has been following my post, you would notice it wasn't as bad as the image I shown above. (Yeap, that's me) 

But, good days don't last forever. 
My bad breakout comes and go. 
Here's one of the latest bad breakout I had after so Long. 
But, it does not bother me as much anymore. When you know you're more than that! I go to work and town without my makeup without the fear I had in the past. I'm more than just Acne-face. 

Of course, if I told you I'm feeling good with these marks over my face and I can't give a shit about it and just gonna leave em partying over the weeks... 

I Am Definitely LYING! 

So, been confident is one thing. But finding a solution to stop acne is another. 

I'm pretty sure you're more interested in knowing how I actually controlled my Acne and reduce my post-acne pigmentation instead of the #bemotivated #youarebeautiful content I'm suppose to put across in this post. K, but promise or guarantee results from the solutions and I must emphasize that all skin are different. Because DNA are different.

1. Stop drinking 
2. Sleep early (before 10pm if possible)
3. Reduce on dairy products 
4. No spicy and salty and sugar for first month(best to avoid all times during the first three months) 
5. Eat cooked tomatoes every morning
6. Lemon and cucumber water day and night. 
7. Drink plenty of water throughout the day 
8. No BB cream or CC cream or liquid foundation or concealer or two way cake. till you only left marks and no inflam acne. Loose powder and compressed powder is fine. 
9. Avoid using makeup removal which contain oil. I'm using bifesta sebum cleansing lotion. 
10. Seek for professional advise from a beautician(avoid extraction and asked for high frequency treatment for a start) or dermatologist(which can be quite pricey.)
11. Avoid using oil blotting paper.
12. Cleanse your face often. Break the two cleansing a day rule for your case if your acne is pretty bad.opt for a gentle cleanser. 
13. Keep your skin hydrated so your red marks will start to look better. 
14. Avoid using whitening products with moisturising effect. Recommend to use hyaluronic-based. No oil content.
15. Don't rush every products in one shot 
16. Start with serum and gel moisturiser and avoid cream for bad stage acne. 
17. Stay happy, bodies does not work 
best at depressed stage. 
18. Apply sunshield whenever you're going out. Same thing, no oil. 
19. Take more tomatoes. Read point 5. 
20. Detox as often as you can. 

That's how my Magic works for me. Not every time... Because I no longer follow strict rules in time. Haha! 

Anyway, gonna catch my not so beauty sleep kinda sleep. Goodnight all! 

To make up for the scary images earlier on, a prettier face to end the night. Byeeeee~ 

Thanaka powder benefit

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Lazy Sunday but that's probably the only time I can do something for my skin. 

Speaking of natural skincare, I really think nothing can be as natural as Thanaka powder. 

I remembered a year back(hopefully not expired yet), I bought a thanaka powder from an online store.
Thanaka helps in whitening, reducing acne scarring, reduce pores, cool down redness, regulates moisture and it is one of the most raved natural ingredient used by Burmese as their anti aging skin care. 
Some prefer having their own branch and grinding stone to prepare the mask whenever they need it instead of the powder form. However, most natural stuff do not last for long as they does not have preservative. 
Not an avid user but I believe religiously using it would definitely benefit your skin in some ways. Of course! There are so many thanaka products in Singapore. You just need to "Google" for review and you should be safe! Haha

Paradise Teochew food tasting

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Invited down for a feast with Paradise few weeks back. This time, with a new Asian concept!

Paradise Teochew Restaurant features an array of signature Teochew dishes, such as Teochew Braised Specialties, Sautéed Pomfret Fillet with Tomato and Salted Vegetables, Steamed Diced Chicken wrapped in Egg White Crepe, Crispy Sweet and Sour Noodle in Teochew Style, diners are certainly in for a gastronomic experience.


Located in an exclusive club house Chinese Swimming Club, be prepared to indulge in the essence of classic Teochew style signatures, from tantalizing appetisers and braised specialties to a full line-up of seafood, meat and poultries in the comfort of an intimate cozy ambience.

Teochew Style 潮式卤味三拼盘
One of my mum's Favourite dish. Instestine were well cleansed and the duck and pork trotter is so good.
  • Sautéed Pomfret Fillet with Tomato and Salted Vegetables 咸菜番茄煮鲳鱼件

    Slightly sour, slightly salty and some sweetness in a bowl. What impressed me was there's no or little sight of oil spotted in there when the fish was sautéed before hand. What sorcery is that?! I drained my bowl of soup and wanted more thou! Haha

Stewed Pork Ribs with Bitter Gourd and Cucumber in Casserole 黄瓜凉瓜排骨煲

Being a true blue Teochews ourselves and especially my mum, she claims that the soup takes a good heating skill to brew that good. She surrendered her taste bud to this. 
Pan-fried Omelette in Teochew Style 潮州蚝煎蛋

Wah! This!! In all honesty, this is the best oyster omelette I ever had. Not only they are generous with their oyster, these crispy yet soft inside egg makes me and my mum fight for the last piece.  
Being the filial Daughter myself, of course....I have to tell her its not so healthy for her and I took it. 
Fried Rice with Yam in Teochew Style 潮式芋头炒饭

This is my second fav apart from the oyster omelette. I duno why but the rice just smell so good. Every bite with a fragrance from the yam and sprinkles of peanuts. 
  Steamed Lotus Seed and Red Bean Paste Dumpling 鸳鸯水晶包 

I didn't finished it. Not a fan of red bean or lotus paste. But this taste like Mooncake to me just that it's not too sweet and I believe my Sister would have wanted more if she's here. 

Overall service: feels like first class lounge. Leon, who happens to serve us really gave us a good dining experience throughout the night and yes, I will definitely be back. (Especially for their omelette and fried yam rice) hahahha

Busy busy

Friday, November 6, 2015

Got my new bag from B. He packed and transferred the items for me too. So thankful to have such a good bf. Hoho! 

How my Halloween went? Very chill. 
Met up with Elaine, Colin and B that night and had a good chill @ Taboo. 

A week back met up with my poly friends for Jess's bday dinner. And Elicia's farewell. Guess where are we? 
Had tanuki dinner with Elaine. The every first week of pay day must-have good meal. Then the rest of the week, I will munch on bread. 

Seriously, I can't wait for my next Blk trip next year! Hehehehe