The hacker really very bored.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The hacker not only hack my blog, facebook, msn, hotmail..
That idiot even went in to hack my friendster accc..which i left it abandon for quite sometime alr..

I just randomly trying to login my friendster and i realise i couldnt login.
Well, i used Gincheng's to login.
To my surprise..that fella change my profile picture..

He/She added my Old photos which i deleted YEARS AGO.
And Who the fuck will care if you bother to put my past there..Ugly then ugly lo.

The important thing now is, i grew prettier!=X

This really got my suspicious..
The hacker might be sumbody who knews me very long.
If not that old photos wouldnt be there.

Anyway, thks for keeping my old photos uh,hacker.
I miss seeing the old Linda.(:

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