LG CRYSTAL..We are bringing it HOME! (4 days only)

Friday, August 7, 2009

The new Transparent Touchpad LG phone in Asia.
With 8 Megapix Camera.


The girls love it.
The phone filled with their pretty face!:DD

She's cute!:D


p.s: Oh ya, my facebook, msn, hotmail and old blog kena
hacked.WTF seh.This fella really darn pathetic seh._|_

p.s.s: I needa slim down.Im getting fatter=(


There will be a Costume Fashion show Tomorrow and Monday at illuma(Beside Bugis.V).
Come down and vote for your favorite Costume and stand a chance to win
attractive prizes when your selected design was the winning ones. (:

Tomorrow might be around 6pm.
And Monday, 4pm(:

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