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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Was talking to Gincheng ytd. He told me.

Runway models not supposed to look pretty.

Reason being, if they are pretty, the designers clothes or products will not be the focus.

The people will just look at them instead of the designs.Which is why runway models has super plain makeup on and all looks terrifying skinny and weird*.

Then i reealised, it may not be a good thing when a client look for you for a runway.
It just means you have the figure for runway and you are not pretty.


Whereas, short people tends to receive more of events and stuff, which most clients are looking for figures and looks.

For those with looks and figure, i thought they are actually some advertisement materials but they just got into the wrong line which is quite a waste.

One told me, if you wanted to go into a media line industry, is not good to work for car shows or watsoever. They catergorise racequeens as a lower class or cheap girls.
I wouldn't say i agree or i do not agree.But such things does happens and i couldn't deny that media doesn't engage racequeen for advertisement for skincare or what branded products in singapore and some other country as well.It is the matter of fact.Well...

1/10 girls who is an actively participated in shows make it into this industry.
Probably, leah dizon was the lucky ones?

It's like, risking your youth to wait for chances.
But i did know a shortcut to getting in media line.

"Keep taking part in competitions, making yourself appeared anywhere and people might notice you"

Well, not very fast or short but is a desperate ways la.
Something that i wouldn't try except for some people?

Im not so much of a person who loves the attention.
If i could earn big bucks im already satisfy. I don't need fame.:D
Issue of fame= money...yes, its true.
But if you got confidence, be patience.(:

Making into a certain job or a successful casting makes me feel good.Not just becos of money, but i still have some value.:DDDD

This is how i got my confidence from.
So people, if you are short and not so pretty like me,
Always think positive.If Linda thinks she's good.
You are good!(:

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