Thursday, September 10, 2009

Im getting my pay soon..15th is my big day.
I wanna get myself a Basic tee from zara.$16.50 only eh!So affordable.:D
I think i spend too much on food already, my whole year round only get two or three clothes for myself.=(

I wouldn't say i need $$$$$, but i would say i need a life:D

Would you rather work as a Tiger girl for $100 or a $150?
I would rather don't work. For I learned from most successful Seniors* that this doesn't does us good in future run.

"If a person wouldn't wanna listen, wouldn't understand, why bother to say more?
Let them suffer and they will learned."

"I can say fann wong is my best friend, but how many people believed it?"

"HUMAN don't live a life been spoon feeding all along, they learned to communicate,make friends and learn to fly with their wings as they grew."

If you think you are the only one who bring me in this line.I would say thks.
But the truth is, Charlotte was the one who got me in.
The very first thing you wanted to get me in for the job, but you last min you rejected me and get your friend in instead.
And the next morning, you friend didnt make it, and you call me down to work.What's that mean?Substitution?
During that time, im so poor to even took a cab down, but i manage to cab down for your sake.
I didnt get the cab fare paid by company.I didnt say anything.
During the job, you were screaming at me, didn't give me face.I remain quiet.
You may not realise how i felt.I don't mind.Fine.
The pay for this event i gave all to mum.And kept very little for my food and transport.
Ask yourself, do you think you are loving your bf more or your family more?
IF you think the very first job you offer that got me in this line.Then Charlotte is what?
Then the other job i gave you?
I can rather gave to others who might have even appreciate me more.

Break down my confidence and drained out all my route, with my believe i sure can pull it thru.(:

Current mood: HAPPY.(:

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