G force theme song, JUMP.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

*When i say jump, you say how high.*
The most rocking Disney music ever!

Anyway, now then i know Dancing Car does exist.
And Gincheng said he gonna get one.
Well, he think he very rich.LOL
Oh ya, im starting my diet plan tml!
Mainly focus on FOOD!( Sucha Torture)
Currently weighing 45kg, lets see 1 week ltr, next thur, if my plans works.
Aiming a 44kg(:

1.No Mcdonald/ KFC/FASTFOOD

2. No sitting after eating.
3. Drink more water, eat more nuts.
4. Less carbo, less rice and noodles and bread.
5. More fruits and vegetables.
7. Hmmmm.........i guess dark chocolates is fine?:DD
8. Always get inspired by victoria secret's models.GO HEALTHY!
9.Drink more papaya milk to reduce the risk of Shrinking boobs.:DDDDDDD

Something to keep myself reminded:
1. Monday, Yixiu's birthday.OMG!Whats the time again?!
2. Tue, LG payday. Meeting Oli to get my Tops/bottoms at vivo.
3. Wed, Chicken Pies baking with Classmate.Time??
4. Thur, Games Conventional Asia

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