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Sunday, September 13, 2009

HAHA!(Very bad entrees;D)

Im very bad at English, and not that good at typing too.
I doesn't know what is good to put down in words.
But i would say im a straight forward person.
Everybody changes. It depends on good or bad.

Blog, something that is so personal to you like your bra, and yet so open
like walking in a lingerie runway show, exposing your Bra(personal life) to the public.

Im just 19 years old.Im not young or i would say mature.I only know
im in the midst of growing.
I totally feel that, i got my own problem, i keep it to myself.

For people who really read my blog since the eiiesy mini till now, they would realise. Im almost like a food blogger.:DDD

Only right till this year, lesser and lesser bloggings bout food.Cos i no money eat uh=((

Did i mention that i cut myself?
Then who the kpo ones said it. Probably some ppl who saw it.
I hurt myself, nobody should knows it.Unless ppl spread it after they saw it.
And since the wound on my waist issue is spreading so fast.
I guess is not a bad thing to disclose the reason
why my bangles and bracelet is always on my left hand instead of my right.
C'mon la..people got stress, i hurt myself,
im stupid or what not your business right?
Kpo so much for what, not cut you oso.Wa lauu...

I believe you don't see all my tragedy in my blog.
Though i know is a journal, something that i should feel safe about writing anything,
but i will never tell the whole darn world about my oh so unhappiness.

To me, i though journal might be a story to entertain readers.
Be it Korean style or Romantic and sad, or the Hongkong drama kind of Aggressive
and annoying with abit of happiness...
I will go my way. I may not have alot of reader.
But even it's only 5 people reading,
i still want my blog to make them feel light and worryless. (:

I couldn't explain myself well.
But i just don't want to create an misunderstanding or illusion of me.....
A very ACT NICE PERSON. And im not a sweet person,
im a caring but consider me a wretch when you got me annoyed.
Im just a writer for linda-the-random.
A not so good writer with many encouraging supporters.

Say what you like, think what you like lo.(:
If you don't have a feeling after reading...Is either ya a robot or ya dead.
Hate me or love me. For at least you feel something.

If you think im bimbo, then tell me what is not bimbo?

If you think you score well ya smart?!
Then i demand a SMART from you guys.
I Thought i scored beta then most ppl!
Not to say im proud but is the fact.:D

So the people around you is mostly the geeks or the bimbos?
And well, i would have to say, WORK SMART don't work hard.
My brother told me that.Mr lee kuan yew said that.
You got a brain, you use it to think smart.

Ok..it may not be a very good example but at least you guys get the idea right?

I used to be a very slow person.I learn things slow.Think oso slow.
Till now oso. But i never gave up.
I believe doing more deeds will do me more blessing.

I prayed every morning, not just for myself, but for my friends and family.
Im not that Wei da or what.I always think i've got enough Mana* of luck.
I could share some.:D

Whenever i got jobs, i got new stuff, i shared.
What my Mum hide my stuff at, i will bring it out in display in my room:D
I don't really spend money, and when i spend it on something.
I hope my family will think i spend it wisely and think is good.
And if they wore it, im happy, cos i know i made the right choice.

I always thought i made the right choice.
Just by listening to what Mum's has got to say, its never wrong.
Handphone issue.Do you think i DARE to SNATCH ppl's phone to use?
For what i know is, once a person thrash his or her stuff. It's no longer his or her.
And my mum told me, she got this rubbish* fixed and it's mine already.

I don't have to snatch if the owner wants back her threw away item.
But i expect a return of my own Sim card in it.
Wahhh...you think what..ppl threw their wallet away..
You go pick it up and use..
One day, they want it back,
you return the wallet with all your money and credit card to them meh?
Not her phone.Mine you.Will you allow anybody to contact ur boss and say,
"Please do not hire my sis, she sucks??"

Example for work smart:
If you see $10 infront of you..and a $2...
What will you pick?

You got the answer?

Yes..Both $10 and $2.

And if you are only allow to choose one?
Common sense tells the answer.

And if you pick the 10bucks and a note stick to it saying, $10 in exchange for your top.

Will you take?



I will. If you are smart enough, the notes is nothing in ur eyes.
$100 is too little for me when there's a choice of $150.
Common sense.
Will you work as a taxi driver when you got the opportunity to work as a manager?
There's always pro and cons.
I may be good at lying, but im never good at hiding.

Im a cancerous.
Love is everything.
I think im very much like my own horoscope.

One night somebody was screaming so darn loud in mid nite uh.
Don't know is who.
And i though i was good enough to stopped my brother from taking the knife
and hack somebody up. And i even go toilet take tissue for somebody wipe tears.

Wahhhhh....I didnt know im so bad.
I shouldn't have stop my brother.
Probably somebody might have rested well and in peace all her life.
Wrong decision uh?I also don't know eh.
I only know i save a life.

One more thing,
will a sister threaten you with a scissor infront of you to cut your hair?
will a sister kick you in the stomach?

This is abuse.
No worries.No ppl hurts me.I hurt myself.
Or probably i gt an internal injury in my stomach when pasta play with me.

Basic defense:
If you got attack,
If reaction,
to push away your opponent or let them continue attack till they tired?

Use your brain please.If you are a handicapped.Then sorry lo.
You seriously shldn't be reading this.
No ppl will bully you seeing you like this.
Yes... and reason being, they had sympathy on you.

This goes to most people,
people only see the most injured ones as the one who is most innocent.
For eg, you and baby sister is playing, she hit you and she cried before you did.
You mum sure go over and give you two tight slap before asking why.
people are acting too harsh.They didnt think b4 they hurt others.

Tell me, who did i hurt?
Physically, i did nth.No impact.

Emotionally, im hurt most.But ppl just don't know.Cause i don't say.

Ohh...ya...kpo ppl..so you guys wanna see my disgusting slit on my wrist?(:
Since you guys love gore so much?(:
But i think is dries up a little after applying too much concealer b4 work.
And that veron gt sharp eyes lo...she keep scolding me fucker.Darn bad hor her.
I only say she wear apron today lo..She say me..=((

So sad, im so hurt.I got no bf to takecare of me uh.

And..i thought my mum always locked her window.
Cause she said, she scare got spiderman thief.:DDDDDD

Alamak, for the first time, i felt that im back to O level, writing about an essay of..
"My most memorable experienced"

Anyway, today was a great day.
I earn a Big amount of decent money with starhub.

Together with bunch of appreciative friends.
Pei man and the crew was laughing as they see my white skirt couldnt hide my sexy green striking panty .But they were so nice to get La senza biege panty for me:DD

And today, Lovelyn and cheryl helped me alot.
Lovelyn even gave me her anna sui lip gloss.So nice!(:

Veron was busy entetaining my cold jokes.HAHAH!
She's sucha nice girl. Other might kill me for that.
But uh..i don't get it, why she wear an apron out today eh?
Scratch head*

Vivien got a shoe for veron.Thank you!(:
Anyway, i very attitude one.
But God loves me, so never want me to get hurt by others.
So i hurt myself.(:
I crazy and childish one.
Wahh..you guys must be darn happy when i say that.
Happy hor, saddistic ppl.

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