Wednesday, September 23, 2009

C'mon la..If you dare to talk and sabotage people, don't even dare to answer the phone?
If you really thing that your Sabotage is destructive..C'mon try us again.
People already breakup with you, is her choice.Nth to do with us.
You're not a man! That's what we felt.
And if you think is gonna do with us, you think ppl has no brain to think and to make decisions?

What's with the calling up to Xian's Ah ma and complain?
What's with the Clubbing and drinking?
Hello? Hougang mall got what to club?Where to drink?
Ohhh..u mean...kopitiam uh?Sorry hor..We don't behave like you..
We go for dessert.
We are having a sweet belly, and not beer/alcohol belly.

And well, i expect a Apology from you.
You think shouting at me is nth.
Your one sentence of shout is enuff for me to pin u down flat on the ground.
Yes..Shout at me..Why Don't you asked whose on the line before you shout uh?

Yes..I ah lian one..Attitude one. Trying to tarnish our reputation?Try harder.
Pathetic fucker. If you can earn 3.2k per mth then talk to me. So don't even bother to shout!
Gincheng don't even dare to provoke me when he's earning that much.
He's much more a MAN than you la..Pls...Going Hougang Mall eat dessert is as well as drinking?
Eh..Siao leng eh...please think where you stand b4 speaking. We can get you sued you know?

If ya reading..Not happy..Msg and meet us out.(:
We definitely gonna give you a chance to speak.

Zhang Tianlong,
Don't try us..Especially me.
Im the most NOT TO MESS WITH person in this group.
What you owe me.I will get from you.PERSONALLY.

And that just gonna be a different treatment alr.(:

Loser, go get a life. Nobody wants you, don't stick like a dog to Xian.
Their family got eyes to see, they already knew you from the start.
And well, so do i? BE A MAN.

You seems that you need A girl to settle your issue for you.
How about me?I can Help you.
Drop me your email, we can contact you. Don't have to pester ppl's ah ma hor.

Oh ya..i was wondering if your hp has gt a problem when im talking to you.
Why shutup?You didnt heard me or what? I don't think im too fierce for a big guy like you..when you can scream at me just now when i just say a HELLO?

Wow...The way you greet ppl was so unique uh?Shout eh...
Again...Ask the fella name on the phone b4 you started to be rude.
You never know you will die a tragedy by just a rude reply.

Signing off,
The polite user, Linda

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