Saturday, September 26, 2009

My sec 3 photos.
I shown this to sweelee and michelle.
They both laugh like mad.
If you think ya ugly, look at me.
If you think ya fat, look at me..
If you hate your hairstyle..Look at me..
If you hate your smile..LOOK AT ME!!
One day, not only you, but many people will love you!(:

My Homemade Campbell Mushroom soup omelette!

Met up with Michelle and sweelee At Marina Sq for carls Jr.
Stupid Sweelee late!Make us suffer all the Irritating f1 noise.
YEAH!Another michelle friend of mine.

After 1 hr, Sweelee came.
We were so annoyed by the f1 noises that we left for vivo and
we chill on the roof top.:D
Love it.Love this kinda life.

i have been Online shopping for three darn days..
But...i got alot of good stuff eahhh...

$20 for This Pink long sleeve tee (above).Chio hor?
$3 for 3 pairs of eye lashes.
$5 for Estee lauder Toner 50ml.
$15.20 For two Forever21 Tops.
And lastly,
$26 couple tee surprise for John(:

ALL NEW STUFF! And that's why im saying..
All good catch!:D

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