Do you love your body size?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I was quite upset that i fall into the pear-shaped figure catergory.
But after reading one article about it..i feel much happier!:DD
Very much of my figure.
Pear-shaped body.
Fat thighs and butt is a good thing.

WOMEN can stop worrying about pear-shaped figures - fat bottoms have been scientifically proven to be a sign of good health.

New research, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, suggests the fat responsible for producing the pear shape flaunted by celebrities such as Beyonce may be active in protecting women from diseases by releasing certain hormones.

People with the apple shape, where fat is stored around the tummy, can be more prone to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Those with pear-shaped bodies, where fat is collected in the buttocks, are less likely to have these disorders.

*The hot beyonces still look good with her pear body(:


What bothers me most was the ugly flabby ard the inner thigh

and the visible cellulites!

YOu may realise Most caucasian, they may be fat but their body is tone and firm de leh.

Unlike Most asian, fat really hopeless..

One Slap on the thigh, they vibrate longer than your Handphone message alert uh.

Need not say for standing on escalator. Super embarrassing to

realise the thigh fats is flabbing along your way down or up.:DDD


I guess some girls may feel the same.Or probably realise it after i say that.

HAHA! BUT!!!!!! When there's demon, there's always God to save the day!

Heyhey~~My eldest sis was advise by her slimming specialise..

To do the rubbing(Rubbed from bottom to top) of thighs everyday helps to reduce it.

Rubbed till O chei(blue Black) is good.

And that's what they call detox and those ugly marks are the poison.

The more you have the better it is..(:

And she did reduced her cellulite aye!(:

Hope that helps me too..Wootss!But it's pain to do rubbed w/o moisturiser.(:

Get a cheap nivea cream will do(:

Time for dinner..CIAO!


  1. love it very much my figure too

  2. yea..Be happy what we have now.

  3. Interesting post It opens my eyes to what pear shaped women go through. In fact your post has inspired me to research more about lower body obesity.

    1. Yeap, thanks for the encouragement.:)