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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Swimming day with my brother again.
Im helping Pasta to blog.(:"OMG!Im stuck!"
"Wah, i sunburn already..see my face, you know."

"Tan left side must turn right side."

"Finally, papa grabbed me out"

"Eh?Where's my bikini?"

"Sial la..Float until there..Chui.."

"Eh, what is that ti ko uncle taking uh?"

"Cannot let ppl see my face!!=("
"Quickly hide in water"
Pasta's Kuku face.LOLOL
My brother always bring her out to swim!

But duno why..she still so bui uh?LOL
Day 2 Photoshoot with Linda jiejie.
"The emotional shot"

"I got so fat meh?Why no dog want me?=("
THE END of Pasta's diary!

The truth is................
Pasta's keep running and mum put her up..Not photoshoot!:D

Seee la..Anyhow run. kena lock up again by mummy la!

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