Would you exchange a higher paid job with your moral?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Horrifying ratings for the rich ti ko peh.
Now..let's see the HOT* escort.
And the criteria to be one..





Must have boobs..and boobs squeezing photos.
Firm booty. Flawless skin.
Tiny waist. (I wonder what did they eat everyday?)
Skinny leg.

Do you know Social escort services are getting more and more in Singapore
such that it becomes a so-call Legal entertainment services already.
And surprisingly, the escorting models were mainly Models and GOOD QUALITY girls.
The usual MIC were losing out now.

The power of Money.
Making girls lose their mind.
Their moral.
Their reputation.
Their conscience.
Their name.
Their parents'name.

Seriously, i really looked down on them.
Instead, the china whores are beta than them.
I used to dislike them for their dirty doings.
But, think about it...
The MIC are doing that to support her family.
Her bastard husband are making them to work.
They are the most innocent ones.

As for the others Singaporeans escort.
Some do it for studies, some do it for just MONEY to buy branded and stuff.

C'mon, get real.
If you think a guy would still marry you
if they knew you did escorting or you are no longer a virgin?
Not to say escorting.

From the mouth of many guys,
Most guys wouldn't accept girls who are no longer a virgin.
Moreover, a escort.

You can lie, but that's not forever.
Wakeup girls, don't be ruled over by money lidat.
Even my pasta knows how to behave.

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