I think im lucky.(:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I think im lucky.
Lucky to have nice fren who helped me today, if not i think i gonna fail my test terribly!:DD

Seriously, i almost fainted when i see the work.
For once, i realised, i belittled photoshop!
It's really not easy to composite(Sorry, forget how to spell) images.
I wonder how those 2012 editor able to make it so real!
Arghh...i need smart pills.If not i not gonna make it into this animators world!=((

Im lucky to have nice fren to support me for everything i do.
Thanks to those who support me in Heygorg,
those who support me in belumni.

THANK YOU to all you people.(:
Really appreciate it! And always remember to keep supporting yo(:
Sneak preview of my previous shoot with Alvin,
and thanks for the nice photo from Yiming(:

p.s: Im still with thaiboy!:D

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