Rugby 7s match

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wahh..Got people wrote me love letter sial.LOLOL
Its really a long tiring day.
Well, i would say worth the tiredness..
I get to oogle at pretty babes uh!:DDDD
Was lucky to have so many fhm babes and hot babes to work with!
And they were really nice ppl.(:
Tml gonna be another long day!Ahhhhh..
Anyway, Eve was really nice girl.
Always took care of us(:
After that, met gillian and audrey.
They were so sweet to wait for me for dinner.MUACKS!LOL
Then, marcus and kenneth brought sally, audrey, gillian and me for chinese cuisine.
Seriously, the service is good, and the food is heavenly!:D
Didn't had a good meal for very long time.
I remembered the last Good meal was the time with my brother Teddy and the heygorg people.
Awww..i miss them again.

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