Skincare/Makeup tutorial.(:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hey guys..
Here's the request(:
Let's start from my skin type:
Oily/Combination skin.
Large pores.
Prone to acne.
I photoshopped this lady's acne close to my situation now.
Yes.My skin is very bad.
But..i never gave up saving it!:DDD

I switched my routine facefoam to this....

Thailand's top seller. Grinned*
I guess that was their secret weapon to good skin.(:
I must say..i used it for 3 days,
my skin seems fairer and im very sure it gonna help to reduce my acne scar(:
Available at guidance. Worth the try.
Its not expensive at all too.(:

Lancome is good. It really helps my skin to feel oxdise and cleaner after cleansing.

So far, i used it 4 times.
It surprisingly not as miracle as lancome.

Taiwan mask. Birdnest and L-actocine and aloe vera mask is good.
Especially birdnest ones. (:
Available at many blogshops.
And good news!
My beauty story mask is available at Guidance!!(:
After all the protection for skin.
Now, the mask for the flaw!

My makeup tutorial.
Model: Unknown poor-condition skinned caucasian.
These makeup are what im currently using now.(:

Eye lash glue.

Crossed lashes. Just One of it is enuff.
Becos...It can be cut into half and used for both eyes!(:

Eyeliner.(I didnt got this.Couldn't find my eyeliner branding)
But its available at Sasa.(:


canmake powder cheek.
majolica mojoca's lip gloss

Silky girl loose powder.

Loreal true match compact powder.

Maybelline concealer.

BB CREAM as base.
Now let's start yo!(:

Apply bb cream evenly on face.
Make sure it blend really well into ur skin and ur pores should looks less visible.

Use concealer on ur eye area,
side of ur nose,
on acne(if have),
and surrounding of mouth.(Help contour lips.)
Dapped in with ur ring fingers(:
until all flaw 98% covered.
Now used, loose powder, dapped on all ur face.
Take note, remember to smile(Tgt with ur eyes).
When you dapping loose powder on ur eyes area.
If you do not smile,
after applying powder, your eyes area with have ugly cracked!
Trust me(:
SMILE with ur eyes.
After loose powder, ur skin should look even now.
Your concealer white mark should be blend into ur skin by now.
Compact powder is optional if you think ur skin is not covered well enuff.(:

Cut ur lash into half.
The longer lashes part with be at the end our ur eyes.
Apply glue to bone of the lashes.
Wait for awhile before ur paste on ur lid.
when i paste my lashes, i tends to open my eyes at least 1/4 to line it.
Try applying closing ur eyes..Its going to be horrifying tired!

Line ur inner eyes to match the bone on the lashes.
Thin eye liner is good enuff if you got double eyelid.
For single eyelid, is beta to line thin liner too!
You dun make ur eyes look big with eye liner but eyeshadow!:D

Draw ur eyebrow.
Follow the shape of ur brow bone.
im using eyebrow pencil to draw it.
For some is fine to use brush powder.(:
Apply mascara to ur inner lashes.

Add blusher.

Now, lipgloss.(:
The lips with look more plump.
Like i say, apply concealer around ur mouth to contour ur lips.(:
Or you can go for the old method of using lip liner(:
And..Nude gloss tend to fatten* lips.(:



Yes.All done in photoshop.
I guess after this entry.
Many gonna ask me for photoshop tutorial
than makeup tutorial liao!LOLOLOL
Im still waiting for Yiming's Photos man.LOL

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