Get that lashes!(:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Very brief..Cos i gan jiong go out la..:DDDD

I like to push my upper eyelid higher..
So when i paste my fauxy and draw my eyelid..
I still can see my wee bit of eyelid.
If you have the double eye lid tool..
Or any pointed tool..
add bit of white glue(Eye lash glue), on the pointed end of the tool,
and try to push ur eyelid higher.
YEAH!A fuller eyelid now(:
This is my half lashes.

Apply to the bone of the fauxy, and wait for it to dry for about 15secs.
And paste it nicely..slowly push the fauxy down near to ur lash..
Turn ur head left and right to see and make sure that its not sticking to ur eye lashes or
its sticking out in the air.(:

Now, shape ur brow.
If your got a dark hair colour, use a shade lighter and nearer to ur hair colour.
Follow your brow shape and lightly shade* it outwards and upwards.
And done!(:
I accidentally slid my fingers with my Art knife
while try to remove the excess fur from my pants which irritates me alot.=((

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