My thigh alot bruises!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Heard from my eldest sis that rubbing ur thighs is good for slimming.
Ya, and must rubbed until got alot O chei then is really working!
HAHA!Sounds darn saddistic. But really..most slimming centre does such torturous treatmet for their patient. But its always beta than bulimia and anorexic as it always slim down the wrong part you know?

Anyway, anybody heard of August pictures production?
I tried to googled and i couldnt find info bout it.In fact too many links..
Anyway, i needa go for casting for filming a short drama on wed for this company.
I hope it's not a scam..if not my rider gonna scold me again. Waste his oil!
Niao ji niao lan hor?:D

Went Alcova, the new club/dining places located near raffles mrt.
Just need to turn right, go up, turn left, then back, walk straight and turn left.
OK..i knw you duno..nvm..just ask the crowd, they should know.
This place is amzing! You really needa check it out on the 24th!

And hor...i need get sally hansen spray..does it works well on concealing my O chei?How much uh?

RANDOM:I just kinda attracted to guys with Tattoos.:DD

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