15.8mm or 16.0mm lens..Doesn't exist?!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beautiful eyes with 15.8mm or 16mm lens?!
There is no such thing as such lenses!
Do not get con to buy those BIG EYE LENS!
I can prove to you.

And a normal 14.00mm is how much difference?
1.2mm difference is alot!
But...see this..

LEFT: 15.8mm RIGHT:14.0mm
Naked eyes can see is same size!

Let's make a second test!

To prove that it's a combining two lens i leave a small space.
Is actually the same diameter!14.0mm!
If you still insist the lens i put is bigger, then tell me...1.2mm diameter difference is only that?!

And of course.....IT'S MY EXPERIENCE LA!
2hours ago experience!=.=

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