Gasby event

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The cat were doing stretching, and i was so fascinated by her long body that i took it down.
Ok la..i sua gu lo.:D
im sucha blur queen making such a stupid mistake o
f thinking that Gasby event was tomorrow! And just realised it's suppose to be today!=(
My back were darn pain but still had to tolerate it for hours.Bo bian.
Quite fun thou. I was quite upset uh.
First in my life time i made such mistake
and i even forget to bring most of my imprt makeup gadget along,
and had to bear with some useless stuff in my pouch for 3hrs.=((
I hope i dun looked too scary uh?!
The products we girls receive from Gasby!
The AHA product that given to us were not out in market yet and
we were so honour to be able to test drive it!:DDD
Alright, at least one ear supply for makeup removing and cleansing!
Thanks gasby, zoe and sis.(:
Sweet babe, kit.
Cute pie, Jojo.

Pretty zoe in black(:

Today's dance competition were great!
Saw some familiar faces yo.:DD
Alright got to go to sleep early.
Cheong sam shoot tml!=(((

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