Friday, January 29, 2010

Just bare and be natural is all what it takes to be perfect.
Always camera ready looks can be real boring after sometimes to them.:D
Right right guys?!

Oh ya, i sprain my lower back=((
I doesn't even know why.

I could bend and sit well.;(
OMG!See those blood.
Big needles were poke into my flesh in order to force this useless clog blood out.
Darn pain.
Im working on sunday at illuma for gasby,
the uniform doesn't seems to cover my bruises leh..

Wah next week i've got loads of stuff to submit.
Marketing test next week. Fuck, fail liao..
Drawing soft copy+hard copy of my work, cb my drawing got wing can fly =.= ,
cos my mum was touching my stuff the other day and she said she didnt saw it.
Pantomime animation, that stupid bob anderson, arms and leg dislocate when i turn._|_
Rentx even worst, mai gong liao.. Say alr also sian.
Im going to bully pasta again. Very bored. Cannot even sit well, how to do my work.
HAHA!That was an excuse. :D

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