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Friday, January 15, 2010

Went for Newyork skin solution for facial.
For once i felt my skin is breathing!(:

But im still quite worried. My collagen is damaging.
As shown in the test analysis screen shot.

I think i shall start chewing more pig trotter for lunch and dinner.
Because, Pig trotter has loads of collagen under the thick skin whereby most girl thought that those was a useless fats!
Dun throw it away, its a good skin collagen food know?
It doesn't make u fat. Useless you ate too much la.(:

And Fish skin is also another collagen repair food. (:

Anyway, the new collagen drink showing on the advert sounds good..
it's available around GNC store.

I guess it just gonna cost about $100+ again.
As it contain 13600mg of collagen!COOL!

Top 10 health(skin) discoveries by Elle.com:
Goji berries
Pig's trotters
Acai berries
Water (with added benefits)
Coconut oil
Manuka honey
Umeboshi Plums
Matcha tea

Most girls are very conscious about their skin.
But how far will you go to keep it healthy and beautiful?

Richer ones will go for sheep placenta treatment and....The budget ones...
Will consume their own placenta after giving birth to their baby.

How scary.
Many believed that eating their own placenta will help to reduce the possibility of getting
Postpartum-depression and some other health problem cause after childbirth.

Zoe tay and Cassandra see ate their own placenta to achieve beautiful skin and youth.

Woahhh....I think it just gonna take me 100x courage to even look at it.
But of course, some people actually baked it and stuff it like a tablet form for consuming.

Most taiwan and Hongkong actor and actress chose to pop Sheep-placenta pills or inject it instead. Which is obviously much expensive and not so turn off la.:DD

BUT! Excess intake of Sheep-placenta will have side effect and may cause fatal death.
But many girls, choose beauty over death.

Please, never risk ur life for such beauty.
You wanna look good 24/7?
Be confidence!(:

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