Reasons of why woman are attracted to Badboys

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The man that a woman deems to be "too nice" does not, by her individual standards, present himself as the image of masculine power, strength, confidence, charisma, energy, sexuality, decisiveness, or character.

Too nice also means:

  • You are a wimp in that woman's eyes… milquetoast, sensitive and soft like a woman.
  • you are confused about what to do and how to do it to protect yourself when you see a game being run.
  • you have low self esteem and don't demand respect from the women you date in an effort to please, which comes across as groveling.
  • you are always there for people that are never there for you. Too nice means your family knows you are an easy tap for rent money after they spent theirs gambling in Reno.
  • your boss has no problem calling you in do work and assignments on the weekend, even though s/he knows you have plans with your family.

Women want a versatile, confident and secure man that can handle himself on the basketball court, in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Women love a responsible, mature man who is appreciative of family, and respectful of women, children, people and life. Women want a guy with intelligence and education, balanced with common sense and street smarts.

Women love a nice guy with a little thug in him.


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