Im so in love with my skin.:D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I think my skin are more supply and dewy now.No more flaky -ky-ky:D
Cos i started all basic steps of cleansing and protecting some days ago.
After cleansing, add toner, after toning apply moisturiser.
And everyday before stepping out of the house, i've got my sunscreen ready!
I even put on masks 1 week 3-4times..OMG! Super ex!:D
And now, i've got my fancl pills which actually helps to boost my collagen:D
Yes..i call that investment.(:
Not all women who are over 25 should start protecting, you should starts now.
Especially for my skin which wasn't very much like the young good skin alr,
fancl suppose to help me bring my youth back uh?:D

Brought pasta out to meet her friends.
She was darn gan jiong leh!LOL

I suffered a super lower backache. =(
I couldnt sit properly, i couldnt bend well.=((
Darn painful. And see, this is what it happens if you're an animators or web designer.
Stared at the bloody pc for long hours, same position cos too engrossed and
then future back or neck problems.=((
Im seeing physician tml.
AHHH..i felt my back's breaking.

I was thinking if should focus on my future 3rd year and stopped working totally?
Im kind of worried now,
i dun wan to go popular be cashier for my internship
cos of my weak portfolio.
But i need money to support my current beauty investment aye.:/
But im thankful for Charlotte, Wanzhuo, Aki and Zoe for most of my job i took.
If not i dun think i could survive that long.:D
Anyway, "HUA TIAN XI SHI" movie coming out soon.
I must support! Dun care. Not i pay nvm.:D

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