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Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is why i didn't skip my class..
I got stupid friend who could makes us laugh.
When is the time you and your crush first met?
I've been going school with my less powder face for like 2weeks alr?
Is like almost no powder. Just dapped on bit concealer on your ugly pigment or spot,
after applying sunblock and moisturiser.
This is enough alr!(:
No need to use powder unless you need your concealer to stay longer(:
Loose powder is good!(: They are super light and does not clog your pores.(:

Why need thick makeups when you can look better without it??(:
Start taking care of your skin yo!
Im trying very hard to reduce my acne scar still.
If my methods really works..i definitely would share k!:DDD
a little tips and quick fix for your new pimple or acne.
Apply little colgate/toothpaste on affected areas and leave it till morning then rinse off.
Toothpaste contain alkaline which neutralise the acid in our acne/ pimple.
It should worls for you as it works really well for me.

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