How's your new year?:D

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I alr not pretty le..Still put brace..
But i dun mind if somebody is sponsoring..
Hor??? Mummy?:D

How to do dolly makeup?(:
1. Long lash!
2. Obvious blusher
3.Glossy lips
4.Refine eyebrow.
For long lower lash, i used 2-3coats of mascara.(:
Outline your lips b4 adding lipgloss to it.
Simple hor?Understand not?:DD
Will do one e.g when im free yo!

Pasta got her hind leg injured.
I suspect is my brother cane her until "bai kar"(Handicapped).

For a much more softer traditional looks.
1. Lighter eyebrow shade. Pad powder on your eyebrow after drawing it.
2. Obvious eyeliner with a curl at the end.
3. Red lipstick is essential(mine is not red enuff thou.:DD)
4. I dun encouraged harsh blusher looks(: Lightly brush up is fine.

I changed new lash!:D
Full lash now. And i quite like it thou.
And i looked ghostly..So never go out without having your makeup fully done.
How scary..
If a lady whose falsie did not stick well,
its flying towards you like a cockcroach.
OMG....or even best, stick to ur arms.

A much more elegance looked,
1. Lighter eye makeup.
2. Long lash is not necessary.
3. Highlight your T-zone.
4. Orange blusher is good.
5. Any bright lipgloss is fine.
I just realised my makeup tutorial is like...
Nevermind la hor?:D
Happy can alr..
Cos....It's new year!

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