LG GD501 Touchscreen phone launch

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Only one button for all uses!:D

Focus is the phone and my eyes.
And please tell me my eyes are huge and the lens are chio.
Tel me you like my lens and ask me where i got it.
It's only $23/pair.
14.8mm lens.Tell you..REALLY HUGE LENS!(:
Visit www.doubl2m.blogspot.com for more info.

The photo taken by GD501!
Im sooooo darn tired.
I got the feel to update my photos lo..
BUT! Im having marketing test tomorrow morning.OMG!


But im not regretted for working.(:
I met old friend from secondary school! MINGJING! HELLOOOO!~

Oh ya..the new phone for LG is kinda cool.
Smaller of all LG phone. 3inches wide screen. With ultimate cute game function that is as similar to DS Lite game!:D

Arghhhh....I really wana get my B for marketing lo..Maintain my grades for at least one module!
How uh?Im so tired now.

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