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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Met up with my babes and hunk for late new year visiting.

Serious eyesight problem.I always tends to move closer to the screen and didnt realise
my face is only a few inches away from it 30mins later.
Can anybody tell me why and how to solve this issue?=((
I dun wanna wear super thick glasses the next time when my eyesight goes higher again.
How ugly.=(((

Im currently taking HTC fancl collagen pills.

Left to right:
Loreal Toner, Skin food whitening emulsion,
Cleansing express makeup remover, AHA Cleanser

Cooling mask, Xin ji masks, etude house nose pack.
I will feel very very very insecure if my mask or skincare products are
finishing or left few.
Im now spending alot of my $$$$ on all this.
And food too!!!!!!!OMG! Somebody please stopped me!

Imma mask addict.
I couldnt stop buying masks even i knew i've got tonnes of them at home.:DD

When siewching and i in secondary sch,
we were always mistaken as sister or twins..:D

my new fling.:D:D:D

14.8mm lens..CHIO HOR?

Noel's house monopoly is so high tech leh..

No paper notes, all credit card lehhh!!!

Met up with Wanzhuo sweet and kenneth at town.
Had TCC dinner.;)
I was quite full by the time i reached there as i had so much kueh and tarts at Yixiu's house.

This is what i ordered.
Im not very famished yet but still manage to get something to swallow uh..:D

Kenneth kept nagging wanzhuo.HAHAHA
My wanzhuo sweet spend money like flowing water!!!!
In just 10mins in Tangs,
she alr spend $198.00 on one or two cosmetic!

Im more budget:D:D
Etude house masks is having promo,
my mask addict mode is ON.
I accidentally bought 5masks, 3nose packs and 2 chin packs.=(((
I no money le..

Im so sorry for delaying the photoshop tutorial. Will definitely do it around march k!
Stay tune hor !:DD
Anyway, to those who is interested in what in studying..:DD
(Act one smart)
Im studying animations in nyp.
And if you are interested to join us,
i would say...
I got one more year to go..
and i will be having my attachment after my holiday and modules.

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