Winter shoot on new year eve.=)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Credit Jack.
Credit Ec perez
Credit Kelvin
Aki called me this morning to replaced elaine for her shoot.:D
So I cancelled Edmund's shoot and attended Aki's instead =(
Super humid and hot eh..I can smelled myself draining inside.
Celestina slimmed down alot!
Aki darn cute lo, every shoot always very camera ready!:D

Nikki, the first time i met her was for erdinger.
She's so friendly leh!
Mable, super high threat.
Super tall.
Me, nikki and celest got problem taking photos..
and she was so sweet to bend down for us.
I fell twice with aki's boots..OMG!
She can even tahan for 5hrs with it during work.

Bored in school. Seriously, i stuck there for hours.

Went for G's reunion dinner.
His cute CHUBBY little cousin.
OMGGG..Cute hor?!
WAH!I love my reunion dinner.
Tml steamboat again...WOOT!

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