Sunday, March 14, 2010

I miss my old face, thou bit fat la..HAHAHA
But the skin very nice leh..No pimple no scar=(((
Pasta come menses, mum tied panty and pasta kotex for her.I think her crush, LUCKY,
seen her walking outside, must be laughing real hard!:D:D:D
Im so gonna stay at home as many days as possible.
NO makeup..NO nothing.=((
My skin is peeling..
My New nick..POCKMARKS=(((

Hopefully it gonna peel off my old skin and reduce my acne scarring;D

No more pretty skin=(

Those pop outs is the peeling skin..=((

Had dinner at PS.
The riverside indonesia bbq chicken rice is nice!
Is located at PS foodcourt!Right at the end..Where those cushion seats were.
Met James at heeren to get the CLEO BACHELORS Tickets.
WAH..He's darn nice, he gave me 4 VIP tickets!
Dun have to queue up..:D

Pig eating in progress.I admit i am.:D
Broken acrylic nails:D

HEY PEOPLE!The lens have alr arrive!

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