Monday, March 15, 2010

River Island Purse On Sale.
Used it only this year!
OOS at shops already. Retail price at $50?

Selling it away at the price of $40.
Condition : As good as new! No defect! 9.5/10
Price can be nego.
For more pictures or details, please mail l.inglove@hotmail.com

I really cannot stand my face anymore.
I went to see a doctor.
Dr Chan from Kovan prescribe a cleanser, antibiotic and cream for me.
This 3 weeks suppose to clear and smooth out my skin.
And 3 weeks ltr, he will gimme some scar reducing cream. Which i think is some retin A and hydroquinone.
Im not allowed to use any sunblock, toner or moisturiser and MASK anymore.
That's his theory of skin clearing.......
I stopped my apple cider vinegar on my skin too.
Im not advised to put cream or liquid form makeup..MEANS NO CONCEALER!=(((
Only powder form..=(((
Like no difference leh..Cannot even cover my scar i put makeup oso useless.KILL ME=(
Ohh.no more ah lian thick makeup.:D

I suspect that eating fancl collagen is the reason.
As i stopped after first pack. It happen b4 i started apple cider..
I thought so too..So if you are taking it..you cannot stop.
NO wonder the Older girls were telling me that!!

AFter 1-2hrs..My skin is not so reddish anymore.
My acne scar seems lighter..And my dried up area seems smoother.
I hope it works well in future:D

Regarding my skin colour,
im not that fair like paper. Its my flash doing all this tricks!:D
Im much tanner now after golf event:D

I feel like eating ben & Jerry:D

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