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Friday, March 12, 2010

My secret to chio lower lash(:
I'm very impressed indeed.
Tell you, even with out makeup, my face and neck are of different world!
Black & White.LOL
And please help me by ADOPTING my skinfood tomato emulsion ok?!
I dun wanna threw it away or put it on the shelf for years:D

I felt that my face shape change over the years.From round to long.
Reason being, i kinda obsessed with slimming stuff.
And even till now, im still searching for the best solution..
The most laziest bt effective ways to slim:D

Im sure you dun wan to look like elephant uh?

Just two days...TRUST ME~ This fella works really well.
I'm not doing adventorial for them but really this is good!
I drank it and use it.

Drinking ACV will helps to control your sugar level and good for digestion.
But!!!! Drink in moderate, and best with stalk..As vinegar may spoil your teeth in long run.
So reduce the contact with it to maximum with stalk(:
But of course, running is still the best.

I remembered when i was in high sch times, i was 50kg.
Not fat but kinda chubby..And BIG. I thought i was too man with this size.:D
So i decided to slim down abit...But who knows i got so obssessed that i jog almost evryday.
Morning and night.For 1month? yea.. Im like mad..And i finally goes down to 45kg..
But during my o levels period, i totally stopped my regular joggings and stuck on my chairs for hours mugging..

HELL! I grew fat, my thigh and butt become so saggy and flabby=((
Til now it's still fat thou.:D:D:D
But for at least, i walk..walk alot!

Walking is good especially if you wanted to
maintain your weight.(:

Another way was swimming, it actually burns alot more fats that jogging.
But there might be high chance of getting broad shoulder..if you born to have big bone.

For those who have pear-shape body(Fat thighs and butt but skinny top)
....Do not skip ur meals to slim!

If not you will end up losing fats at the wrong place! You know you know?:D

For those who get fats only tummy area falls under apple shape..
Just need to detox more, to kick those flabby out. As they are not hard to slim as compared to pear shaped ones.

As for petite, there's nth for you to slim..PLEASE EAT MORE!:D

Tak glam ( Unglam)
Went out with my ahlian Veron ytd.
Seriously, there's so much stuff we can tok about, anywhere, everywhere!
Met with anqi and ari's friends at aston for dinner.
It's ari's birthday...
Hmmm..i can't wait for mine....JUNE!
Veron owe me a blog skin for my birthday..

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