Same story and yet people are watching.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Talking about drama series.

鹿鼎记 was one successful example of repeated character and story.
This story was never manipulated any difference and the character
and style is still the same.
Just the actor and actress was changed.
But there is still many people enjoy watching!
Im one of them:D:D:D
But i still prefer the Original tony leung version and Chen xiao chun versions.
I ever asked Thaiboy why he likes this series so much..and he answered,
"Cos the character itself is alr very interesting."


I like 韋小寶:D

No matter how many wife he's having..

I think girls will still love him..Cos he's cute, smart, still cute!:D

My favorite series : Gordan Chen xiao chun(:
Thaiboy prefer this...I guess he just likes the girls there:D

Newest series sucks..=(

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