Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mari and the three puppies is a really good movie. I must say.
But for (Dog)Movie that's always a better out there too.
Let's say "HACHIKO" ,it really make me feels that Dogs can be more than just an animal..
They have something that even human are lack of. LOYALITY.

Hachiko, a dog who waited for his dead owner to come back from work at the train station for 9 years. Another true story of a loyal dog.
The real Hachiko born in japan in 1923 and died in year 1935.
He waited 9 years and his owner finally "returned".
And Hachiko left the world.
A statue was build for Hachiko outide the train station
in japan as a memorial.
9 years...

A dog who is willing to spend the rest of their live waiting.

The real Hachiko(:

How cute!!! When Hachiko's a puppy.

The statue that they built for him.
The Professor in the movie who acted as Hachiko's Owner.

Think about it, the Dog in this movie really acts so well la!
They could make you feel something thou is just a simple movement and eye contact.
OMG! Their original owner definitely earn big bucks already!:D

Maybe i could give pasta a chance to interview for Man-In-Black 4 hor?
Since Pasta looked like a boy..i think it should be fine man.(:

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