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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aww..i've been neglecting my twitter!=(
Anyway, i need to do a painting transofrming my Lecturer's Kid's Drawing into a 3D matte painting.....WTF?!

And one more self portrait that needs to be done!=((((
Sian half..

The *legere* the brand of the silk essence plus gold serum im using:D
My sis got it from taiwan(:
So far, i can see slight improvement for my dark rings.:D
Thou its still horrible, but my foundation now can cover like much better than with concealer on.
Much natural(:

I got not idea of reducing dark rings but for reducing puffiness.
You can try skinlite Cucumber eye pad. It's very soothing.
For me, im thou 24hr on PC person, so i will cut the whole piece of it into half..
So half cucumber pad for each eyes for lower eyes area..
I think its quite good and soothing if you're working late a night.

I just came home from meeting my old mates-beloved friend.
Had a very full dinner. I ate like pig..
Seriously, i admit im getting fatter already. I know as i felt my pants wasn't as comfortable when i wore it!!!! =(((((((

Oh ya..after i finished my drawing and painting i show you guys kk!
Do some me some love and encouragement by praising it nice and chio!
HAHAHHA! If not i will emo one.

Ok..i need to go back and chiong(RUSH) my ART already!
Sleep early kk babes and guys!(:

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