Friday, April 2, 2010


My Cracky lips..Due to the dehydration these few days.=(

Pasta too fat already, thats why can only sit side way to support her body:D

Met up with Veron and anqi for Kbox.
After kbox had dinner at SUMO HOUSE with veron..
Its located near AMK hub.

Its cheap and nice.
$2.90 only!

Breaded fish + Salmon set(below)+ Drink= $5.90

This set is katsudon, only $2.90!!!!!!!
Its bit Saltish..But consider nice thou and reasonable for such price(:
I remember the last time i went here was with Thaiboy.

Next, Casting~
Many girls were there.
It's not suppose to be a casting as we were told it's a briefing.
We are confirmed alr actually!
The guy lied us!
Shu emura so irresponsible!
20 girls went over leh! But only 3 chosen.
If we know is casting, we wouldn't have go!
But nevermind, i get to meet so many girls
that i haven been seeing for quite sometime. Yea....

My sweet veron..She thinks her eyes are small.
But seriously...NOO?????
Its still big ok!
Cute lovelyn, always so cheery.
She cabbed down for this "BRIEFING" which turn out to be casting.
Im so guilty.=(

Went to have lunch after that.

Veron and lovelyn lookes like sister!
So kiddy, so cute!:D

Had lunch at Xin wang with the babes and Lovelyn sweetie's bf.
So long ever since i met lovelyn!
I never like Char siew rice. From my experience,
the grill pork that i always ate has alot of fats..
Very disgusting. And very few of the place i went have a really meaty char siew.
But this time, i decided to try their char siew ric(:
I must say, 90% meat 10% fats. Hoho.
But the meat was very dry..Wasn't that juicy.=/
But the rice and fried wanton and vege quite good thou!(:
Overall, the char siew quite fine thou. (:
This papaya with milk noodle...VERY NICE!
Light milky taste and very soothing.
I didn't tried that, but looks rather plain to me.
Im not always glam infront of the camera.
Im as ordinary as you girls(:
My fat pug, pasta.
My lunch..Very healthy hor?!
HAHAHAH..I like.
Then had supper with my girls...Met up with Sheena to clarke Quay.
We decided to have Satay mclub at clarke Quay.
Just right beside THE ARENA and WHOPPER BAR at riverside area.
We expected it to be some place that is like a hawker centre or so..
But its like a pub!!
With aircon and everything..So cool.
Well, we went in thou. The pricing weren't scary at all.
Quite reasonable i must say(:
When we reached there, its almost 12.30am.

The satay was really best!
$20 for 24 sticks.
Murtabak, $12.
BBQ squid, $12.

We actually ordered roti john too..But they finished alr=(

It's supper, so we didn't really order much:D
Total damaged: $45/

After that, i bought the Cinnamon melts from Mcdonald to try:D
Very sweeten-ing but i like!
Me and sheena love it!(:
They doesn't have it in morning. Probably on afternoon or night.

Few other photos by
Joey. R

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