Celebrities has got flawless complexion? MYTH(:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Those creative work.

Looked like mrs potato in Toy story!SO SO SO CUTEEE!

This work is super creative and meaningful.
It may look ugly but the inside was not wat you will expect to see..

Put ur face on that yellow stone* thing.
You will see flowers and some shiny stuff..
Don't know what it calls but they just look very pretty!(:

HAHA..Hiroshi &Co. 's work.
They are suppose to be in the frame.
ok la..mine..very ugly..Dun laugh=(
Realism fail.I prefer matte painting.
I admit, i did not put in much effort.:D
Ai seh..Veron's michael jackson super chio.LOL

(Nola, he's just too tired, so he lied there.)

Daren's work, super creative too.
Stand right, you will see this..
Stand on the other side , you gonna see the other.
It's an exhibition at Art of theatre @NYP.

Hee hee, my shiny hair.:D
Don't envy me, i got bad skin day, bad hair day and bad figure day too.
Don just go WOW when you sees them in TV SHOW, MAGAZINE, OR PAPER.
And even if you manage to see them in person, they may not be always looked that good underneath the layer of powder.

Most makeup artist possessed good makeup skill, and some photographers were really good in photoshop.

For example, me! HAHAHA. Im good with both. Born talented to make myself look good even im ugly.LOLOLOL ..Ok..that doesn't sounds good=(

But for at least, people still recognised me very easily even without makeup leh!:D

Cameron diaz, starred in movie, "Knight & Day"
Britney spears.

Well, they are without makeup..
Expected to looked horrible,
but with them??




Megan fox still look good but if only she has got a better complexion,
she will be perfect...(:

Don't feel inferior about your skin,
celebrities have their BAD SKIN day too.
So spend the time thinking of saving ur skin instead of emo-ing away.

Safer ways to get smoother skin, eat more kiwi.
Drink more water(detox). Reduce on tea( They are bad for skin).
Reduce on sugar(The cause aging faster)..Reduce on spicy and fried stuff.
P.s: I ate kiwi every night before i go to bed.

The next day, my skin miraculously seems clearer, slight fairer, pores seems less visible..
But scar definitely still there, give them some time ok?! LOL.

I don't have good skin, i doesn't have the way to get good skin.
But i have the solution to achieve better complexion!(:

Im not kiddin, try it yourself. It doesn't harm your either.
If you're having insomnia, Kiwi should help you too!!(:

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