Saturday, July 24, 2010

Would you like to bring her home?
She's friendly but might be creepy....
p.s: I should bring this photo to the plastic surgeon, tell him i wanna look like this!:D

I seriously doesn't know whats wrong with this world.
I doesn't like korea music, korea dance, korea artist, korea singer..
But my new neighbour came to be a KOREAN!
Very shocking. The three kids that came to our house to play with pasta doesn't
freak me off thou.
In fact, they were really adorable!:D
But still, this doesn't change my mind on ..KOREA GUYS WERE GAYS.
Our family had communication problems with this three cute korean.
My mum kept asking me to check online for some basic korea language/phrase man.
OMG! Heachache*
God from korea trying to punish me for saying his child a gay.
Send this three cute angels down to test my patience.
I knew it. =/

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