My satisfy work= Rejected dump

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My rejected work; it's rubbish, it's kiddish, it's not what i should be submitting to them. This is what they feels and it's very clear.
I finally finished my matte painting of my fantasyland.
But they thinks that my colours and stuff are like primary school student's work.
I don't get it why they just doesn't want to give some space and freedom to our concept uh. Serious problem man. =.=
Anqi today darn funny, she was so worked up after her drawing got rejected.
She keep complaining lo!:D
But she's really angry too! Push us so hard for what, only make us hate this module even more. Bring us no where, brought you no where.

My mum always says, "Duno anything ask them, cos we paid school fees, WE ARE THE BOSS". Ai seh..i like this!

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