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Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to get my look, my "fake" pan asian look/Caususian look.
Asian are born with a very soft look.
And caucasian were lucky to help sharp beautiful features.
But well, we asian could fake them too!:D
No more envy, no more jealousy..
Let's make peace with the CHEATS:D:D:D:D

1. Deep eyes
2. Sexy eyebrows
2. Sharp refine nose
3. Pouty lips/well-shaped lips

First, how to create extra thick eyelid?
Be careful, focus, don't poke into your eyes eh.(:
Slightly close your eyes..
Apply glue on the tip on stick apply the glue
above your original eyelid line..
say, on the second "fake" lid will be one layer extra.
The same equal distance from your original eyelid.
For eyelid, your dun need to really wait for it to dry before pushing.
It's best to push them from middle off the the edge to form the new lid.

Open your eyes still with your stick pushing the lid into the "hole" of your lid.
Then pull the stick out and your extra thick eyelid is done(:

I hope my broken english wasn't too hard to understand hor?=(

See the magic!:D
The right ones with glue obviously look prettier than the other one.:D

I will continue the nose conturing and lips enhancing and brows shaping next entry!
Do come back again kkkk.
Please set your reminded in case you forget, you know?

I had an Dog picnic this morning.
It's raining heavily so the dog owners decided to settle ourselves at the pavilion near our place.
I was with my usual singlet and shorts plus slipper.LOLOL
I tot we are leaving for east coast so i decided intend to dress up as i didn't expect to have any other activities after that!
Woke up at 8am, applied my sunblock and left the house. First time, i ever remembered to apply them after keeping them in my "MUSEUM" for so long.LOL

If i have this mouth stick to my face forever..
I will be darn happy!:D
Anyway, it's photoshopped on.(:
Dear god,
this is what i really would wish to ask from you.....
I want this pearl straight teeth!:D
Dear god,
this is what i really would wish to ask from you.....
I want this pearl straight teeth!:D

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