Saturday, August 21, 2010

Me, 2yrs ago without makeup:D
Now 2010.
Now tell me, what's impossible?
You can finally see my eyes!:D
The reason why Pasta hate water,
she felt that she can never swim to shore.LOL
What so unique bout this painting?
It's painted on human!!
A real human painting.

What's more impressive?
A new way of quiting your job!:D
And next...Smoking is bad for health.
In case you forgot, this gonna remind you;)
Quiting your job and smoking can lead to anorexic?
Don't worry, all problems can be solved.
This guy beat it!
More randoms.....

Eat eat eat! DOn't tell me you're hungry again.
What's so nice bout taking upskirt photo?
*shake head*

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