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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Misss meee?:D
Anyway, went sentosa to celebrate Amy's birthday(:
Yes, we cannot go anywhere without food!:D

I looked super scary. sorry=(
But who does thick makeup to sentosa one?!

After that, me and yuxian went resort world's breaktalk to get amy's birthday cake.:)
Their bread were cute one eh..Got spade la..diamond la..dice la..
A very resort world bread man!:D

Siewching me and sheena and jervenne went universal studio after the cake cutting.
The other babes went home.
Entry fee plus movie after 6.30pm that day was only...$8.00!!
But of course no rides la.(:

After our movie, we stayed awhile to catch the fireworks.
Well, im not a very fireworks person..i doesn't like it.=/
Before we left that place, a bunch of people wanted to take photo with us.
One of the guy recognise me!! He once added me in my facebook!:D
Im so touched that he can managed to recognise me though my face very chui..
hmmmm..not bad.
Remember i said that i made pasta a PJ out of my PJ's long pants??
Cute not?!:D
She's my twin sister.LOL

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