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Friday, September 3, 2010

New eyemakeup without the use of eyelash;)
This gonna works pretty well for people who doesn't know how
to get their lash done within 1min.
Creating a Fake lash look with eyeliner.
You just gonna practice, slowly eyelash sticking skill gonna be a simple job for you!(:

I got spastic looking friend.:X

And right, im one of them. That's why we are friends!:D
Check out my "MOUSE".
I did push up everyday leh!:D

But i still lose to rochelle's one....




Wa lan eh, unglam, who took this huh?!
Jap food @ION.

Anyway, i received my NUFFNANG cheque!:D

YEAAA! Did not manage to take the photos down.=((
I've been Fbing for 1 week. Sian already.
My FYP suck leh=(

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