Sorry, i just love myself too much!:D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I like my black hair but i think i could love it even more.
Essential hair essence should make them shine even more?
Yea, i gonna give it a try and show you guys magic again!:)

Had my dinner at lavender food centre after shopping for gift.:D
This month alot ppl birthday lehhhhh! LOL
This pancake *THUMBS UP*

This hokkien mee uh...Can throw away already.
Seriously. Waste my money.
Our virgin taste for crocodile soup.
Sorry to those hype-reptile lover.
I promise i will not eat them again.
And i must say...i rather eat chicken. This taste like chicken and it's freaking $10!!!!
Chicken is cheaper lo.LOL
Look like fish, taste like chicken.
$10- Not worth.
Ok, this wanton mee is super super unique. The taste is just sweet and NICE lo.
Very different. Just taste good. Im bad at explaining it.=(
Die, no chance to join as a food critic liaooo=((((
Anyway, you guys should go down and try la.(:
But is $4.50!:D

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