Monday, October 11, 2010

Angie's 21st @Pasir ris.

Preparation work. GAME!:D
Makeup artist for the day: ME

HALF TIME after game end..

Came into the room and enjoy aircon, poor veron and jesscia still stuck downstair!:D

After we went down and make water bomb..

And apparently, our target is the birthday girl.LOL

But we were nice enough to give her abit "FACE"...

we only attack her lower body and prolly only from the neck down..

We manage to keep her face clean!:D

Then hor, that zhiyue, told angie to hug us(ELICIA & ME) since she's already drenched.


Our CHEF, jordan.
Photographer plus Chef, weiliang.
And of course, before we left...we took few photos of US for memories.:D
And not forgetting this sweet sweet moments of Angie & Daniel.

I guess is Suay suay(Unlucky in hokkien) moment for them..

as they were ask to finish up the beer in 30sec.
Jessica, zhiyue, elicia, my sweetsweet veron and me.

I received my sponsored skin products today! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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