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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hate frizzy and hard to tame hair?
Let e share another little secret with you.

Recently, i tried a new hair product which aids in getting me SEXY HAIR!:D
LIESE works pretty well.

And in case, you mught wanna purchase it at Watsons, Guardian, Major supermarkets and can simply tell them you're looking for "LEE ZAY" hair products.

This is the two products that i gonna share with you guys.(:

Hope it works!!(:
I loveeee straight and silky looking hair.

And people often recognise me by my BLACK STRAIGHT HAIR.
And of course, my face la!!!:D First, im trying liese smooth hair cocktail.

For shoulder length hair, 10 pumps of hair mist is good enough.
Leave it on for ur hair to absorb. Helps smoothen out tangles hair.
Comb your hair , and ready to goooo!!:D
Next, let's try clear cube wax straight.

The result is obvious..Neat and tame hair. LOVE*
And of cos, before using, my hair is like lion la.=/
Now, try this magic wax.
dip abit of wax..
Rubbed between your fingers...
And rub them through hair from root to ends to create natural movement.
And you're ready to goooooooo..
It's a water-based formular that spreads easily over hair for a silky smooth finish.
Most importantly, it's not sticky and annoying at all. And it's lightly fragance.
Interested to get it?? This is it..

For the treatment range:

1. Liese Hair Cocktail (Pink&Orange): $15.90
2. Liese Hair Cocktail Light (Blue&Green): $15.90
3. Liese Juicy Shower (Pink Spray Bottle): $14.90
4. Liese Juicy Shower (Refill): $16.90
5. Liese Smooth Cocktail (the one i featured in this post): $15.90

For the styling range:

1. Liese Clear Cube Wax (29g): $6.90
2. Liese Clear Cube Wax (65g): $12.90
3. Liese Wave up Foam (50ml): $6.90
4. Liese Wave up Foam (150ml): $12.90
5. Liese Designing Jelly (the ones that look like a huge nail polish 50ml): $6.90
6. Liese Designing Jelly (the ones that look like a huge nail polish 150ml): $12.90

All Liese's products can be found at Watsons, Guardian, Major supermarkets and hypermarkets.
and join Liese's Facebook for more informations and contests!

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