Milus watch launch

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Having my fyp from 9am-6pm..
After that went off to fullerton bay hotel to attend a launch with lawrence and amaryllis.
The very very very "SEDUCT" wagyu beef! OMG..I love it!
Sweet amaryllis and i invited to milus watch launch by lawrence.

Sweet sheena came later part after amaryllis left for dating!:D
Amaryllis , lawrence and me.

Sheena gonna shoot with me for dec issue STUFF gadget girl.

She's darn sweet looking !

Amaryllis, hot and feminine ones
on the current issue Gadget girls, come grab her copy of STUFF now!
After that, amaryllis went off early and sheena reached.
Sheena's friend, xavier, who happens to be in my old facebook account came to look for her.
Then we stayed awhile and left..

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