My virgin trip on cruise.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Woke up super early..OMG
We had to be at tanah merah ferry at 10pm.
We took 2 ships to reach that cruise.

My family and i only went there for 2 days nth much to bring.
That morning i was starving myself so i could eat more on the cruise!:D
Proud to be singaporean.(GIAN BEN+KIASU)LOL
Was abit disappointed with the food there..
Selection was darn little..BUT they still taste alright.
So considered balanced.
We got a budget cruise, what to do?LOL

But the cabin wasn't small!!! Its just like abt smallr than my room thats all..

I like the curry prawn! Ooishi~
Xavier and angel darn camera shy leh!

This is what i got for my lunch.LOL
Night time, we went to the rooftop ktv lounge to drink and sing.

I don't really drink much uh..
My dad and elder sis.
And that's the ugly me with my elder sis again.
Wa lau..who the hell wear makeup at night before going to bed?!lol
Next day, woke up and bathe...before my breakfast!:D
The lunch we took before leaving..
Seriously, all the food there were super indo/malay dishes.
We took the two ship back to ferry and reach home around evening..
Super tiring..My brother who has just got back from thailand bought a dress for pasta.
After that me and my elder sis went to have our suki sushi buffet for dinner!
We too miss the food in singapore alr!:D
Thou is just two days la! Or maybe we just too used to singapore's quality food and abit of indonesia's cruise quantity food...BUFFET IS GOOD!:D

Yea, we does look alike!:D
The cream puff there was heavenly!!
OMG!I ate alot....Few plates man!:D
My last dinner was the BEST!
The suki sushi buffet was darn cheap..$25 per pax only.


  1. HI Linda,

    Good morning. This is Jiahui here. Just happening to read your blog 2days ago. Nice knowing you.

    U r a very beautiful young lady. N your make up skills is great...

    Beening reading your blog this 2 days. Learn lots of makeup skill from your blog... Thanks alot for sharing.

  2. hello!No problem. hope you like it oo(: