Finally a decent dinner.:D

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meetup with G after work for dinner.
The day before was raining heavily and we were practically eating under the storm la!=(
We were drenched and the dinner was not enjoying our dinner as the glutton place is an open area. No shelter.
This time, he brought me to a place with a shelter.LOL
Geylang lorong 15 for dinsum!:D

Fried shrimp.

Wanton soup.
Fried wings
Xiao long bao.
I was quite disappointed as i tot it would be those soup-filled kind.=(
But well, it taste normal though.

Lastly, the sambal sotong and minced chicken.
Total damaged: $22.20
Cheap uh..we still wanted to have our crab tanghoon but, it's alr over 8pm, and they doesn't serve crab after that.=(
But im thnakful that i doesn't have to eat in the rain.LOLOL

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