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Friday, November 19, 2010

I always tot fat man could not do push up and sit up.
Then my father proved me wrong. T.T
The day before the end of my fyp..I had suki sushi buffet!:D

Im those super random eater, what comes in my mind, the time right after school, i will go down to get it. No matter how far it
After presentation i had sumptious dinner at Kovan again, specially for their crabs. My makeup today chui. Very messy. =(
Standard kangkong.
Chilli crab the best.
3 for $18(:
The fried bun not really good.
The gong bao chicken taste weird. Not as sweet as it suppose to taste.
The taste of the herb is too thick. If you doesnt like those herb-y taste.Don't order this!
The other places hade a better gong bao chicken..i swear!

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